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MNP - 'Ratto Nero' (Delights)

'Ratto Nero'

Another guaranteed bed wetting episode is in store once the needle hits the groove on the latest psych funk 45 from Brighton’s MNP. It’s always when we receive the new offering from Delights from Jerusalem that we’re met with mixed emotions. On the one hand, we know how incredibly good the releases are and we marvel at the originality of each release and on the other we’re filled with dread knowing we’ve to attempt an uninterrupted night’s sleep after repeated involuntary listening where the body overrules the mind and returns the needle to the beginning time after time. Because the work of MNP affects the mind in a way no other band can and not always for the better. Death march down to your local record shop or click to add it to your cart this Hallowe’en, if you dare.