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Moar - Disco Rap (Moar)

Disco Rap D/DD

If you wanna know the real deal about what exactly you should be spending your hard earned cash on than please allow us to bring you up to speed on the latest double dose of disco rap from the man the myth Moar reppin' the Nantes region. Following on from his dynamite releases on his own imprint from last year which we have been bumping on the regular here at 45 Live central, he bring us a clutch of new edits to vibe to from the comfort of home.

Beasties and Biggie both feature on each side over some cherry-picked MOAR beats that fit so snug that we wonder what life would be like had Moar grown up in New York City in the 90's. Essential business once again from the French producer. Please don't take our word for it though. Stream both cuts below and strike while the iron is hot and add to cart post haste! They are 100 copies available. Once they're gone that's it.