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Moar - Funky Rap (45 Loves)

Funky Rap
(45 Loves)

Here's some advice on an unusually warm autumnal afternoon like the one we're experiencing today here at 45 Live HQ. Take a drive into the countryside, roll down the car window and feel that indian summer breeze funnel through your fingers as you head off into the horizon. In the tape deck we highly recommend the latest offering from France's Moar on 45 Loves. Approaching the production with precision building drum reconstructions, this nineties Bussa Bus party favourite is updated for today's b-boy and b-girl generation who like their beats harder than two day old doo-doo. On the flip, the producer presents us with a knockout reworking from Uncle L that still has us on our asses on the canvas against the ropes wondering what hit us. 

The cream always rises to the top. Moar is living proof of that. We advise swift checkout action as there are just 14 copies remaining of this 45. Head over to the 45 Loves Bandcamp to claim your copy post haste.