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Mountain 45s 001

Jeyone / Double A
'Warped Pigs (Boom Bap Refix) / 'Don't Sweat It (Classic Breaks Rework)'
(Mountain 45s)


BOOM! Killer new edit 45 on a brand new label out of West Virginia. Black Sabbath and Eric B & Rakim get re-rubbed by Jeyone and Double A respectively, with both hitting the sweet spot when it comes to tastefully interpreting the source material. This is especially so on 'Don't Sweat It', I mean how can you improve on the perfection of the OG? I suggest Double A wasn't trying to 'improve' it, no, this is a new flavour, a remix that pushes the double bass front and centre whilst increasing the space for everything to sparkle. And boy does the bass sparkle, especially with the vibraphone adding another layer of jazz. Overall, it's most definitely a remix rather than an edit, one that tips its hat to the jazz sensibility and in doing so expands upon the original materpeice. It's a beauty, straight up.

Over on the A, Sabbath's 'War Pigs' is given a boom bap refix from Jeyone in 'Warped Pigs' and again, the title is entirely fitting with the boomiest and bappiest drums you could lay down, phat as ****. The elements are skillfully picked out and artfully layered so it all breathes, and with a bit of the 'Rock the house..' vocal sample signposting the track, another class edit/remix ensues.

If this is the quality level going forward, I'll be looking forward to more nuggets on Mountain 45s.

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