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Mr Bongos Brazil 45s Series

Mr Bongos Brazil 45s Series

Not a record label you associate with thumb twiddling, day dreaming, laurel resting or idle devil workshop attending for that matter, the insanely prolific Mr Bongo record label have been charming the faces off everyone blessed with hearing abilities for the past three decades. As we catch our breath and gaze at the vinyl mountain that they so proudly display on Brighton Pier, attention turns to the next 30 years and their love affair with all things Brazilian.

The musical treasures buried deep within every possible creak and crevice of the country is being carefully mined and excavated by the intrepid Mr Bongo explorers each time they make the expedition and this body of work is presented to the wider listening audience thanks to their revived ‘Brazil 45s’ series. So far this year, fourteen of these gems have been released over seven discs for us to feast over and they show no signs of stopping there. There is so much choice in terms of musical styles covered in the Brazilain 45s series and it’s with great pleasure that we cherry pick some of our highlights from this year below. After the stream, be sure to head to the Mr Bongos website to pimp out your 45s collection with the full collection today of 'previously unavailable on 45' releases.