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Mr Confuse - Spinning Around (Confunktion)

Mr Confuse
A: Spinning Around
B: Against All Odds


Hannover's Mr Confuse is proving to be a producer to keep a watchful eye on. Have no fear, dear readers, we'll be sure to alert you to future Confuse goodness as it drops. For now though, let's focus in on his latest 45 on Confunktion Records. 'Spinning Around'  is a high tempo supa charged funk friendly  forty-five that will have them rooted to the dancefloor. Organ failure will occur in a percentage of the club going faitful as this record reaches new heights and forces the dancers to attempt to pull off the most impossible moves. Flip the 45 over for 'Against All Odds' where none of the frentic funk flavoured energy is lost. On the contrary, as this track looks to whip the dancer into an impossible frenzy that by the end of it all they'll be wondering which way is up. Don't take our word for it and head to Juno to secure your copy today. In the meantime, hit the stream and cut a rug!