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Mr Doris & D-Funk - New York Kiss (Battle Weapon)

Mr Doris & D-Funk
New York Kiss

(Battle Weapon)

The super producer power duo of Mr Doris & D-Funk have resurfaced from the Battle Weapon label headquartes with a future classic that is bound to attract a heady mix of jokers, smokers and midnight tokers to comb the country's record shops with one aim. That aim is to beg, borrow, or steal a copy of their latest tour de force entitled 'New York Kiss'. Let's take you back a little and recount a time when during a daring mission to New York City they came across an emcee  who identifies himself as simply 'The R'. It's fair to say that the three like minded drifters hit it off immediately.  They set up a lab in The R's garden shed where both producers and emcee would trade ideas and go back and forth with concepts with the sole purpose to construct a beats and rhymes stimulus pack that would illicit a criminal response in the listener. Nothing should or will get in your way of securing a copy of 'New York Kiss' once the opening bars reel you in. Trust us on that. If razor sharp, vicious hard as nails raps over the hardest than the hardest beats this side of Strong Island is your thing than this is just the sort of shot in the arm that you need. 

At this point in time I'd like to direct your attention to the listening widget below before you go forth and cop on Juno before they're all scooped up.