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Mukatsuku 45s record crate

Mukatsuku 45s record crate
£68 with free shipping

The age-old problem of storing your 45s has another bespoke solution as Mukatsuku launch their range of crates, and what a tidy looking crate it is. Made from plywood with dovetail (well, Box Joints to be precise) joints to give it strength, big enough to hold approx 175 singles, and emblazoned with Mukatsuku graphics. Great for a small 45s collection (175 records can certainly take some time to amass if you're just starting your collection), or indeed larger collections can be accommodated by adding new crates. Certainly stronger than shoe boxes, and much cheaper than the beautifully crafted 7" drawers cabinet for €8000 which you may have seen around social media in recent months.

For the purposes of this review, I should probably mention some 'issues' I have with it, but coincidently, we at 45 Live have been developing some ideas for 45s storage so I don't want to reveal the solutions here! Whether we actually get around to putting our ideas into production is another thing, so in the meantime, one of these crates could well be the solution for you.

Buy exclusively at Juno
Black edition HERE
Dark brown Edition HERE

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