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Mukatsuku Funk Monsters Volume 2

Funk Monsters Volume 2
Pearl Dowdell 'Good Things' /  Billy Cee & The Freedom Express 'Hard Times'
(Mukatsuku Records)

Mukatsuku drop another 2 monster funk cuts on one 45 to create an utterly essential addition to your playbox. The rare and classic 'Good Things' heads up the A side, with its insanely awesome drum and sax break and Pearl's gorgeous and what seems effortless sister soul vocal, as most of the late 60's/early 70's soul voices did, no stupid gymnastics, just perfectly delivered natural soul. The flip is a new one for this reviewer, a bumpin' funk cut if there ever was...Billy Cee's 'Hard Times' grooves HARD with it's stuttering clav lines and punchy horn section, a real peak time beauty. This is what you might call a 'no brainer', and will save you you considerable amounts of money over the originals. Buy NOW!

Buy here: http://bit.ly/2n5hHyd