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My45 Vinyl Pressing Plant

My45 Vinyl Pressing Plant

Based in Munich, Germany and founded by Andreas Bauer in 2006, My45 began life pressing just 45s (nice!) but have expanded now to include a wider range of manufacturing. Offering up professional audio mastering to complete records, ready-made for retail, plus a raft of print options for those that get creative. They also have no minimum order, perfect if you need a very short run, and with an average delivery time of 6 weeks, it's certainly a pressing plant worth looking into. Helge Sudau runs the production in a company that pride themsleves on the love of vinyl and the intergity of the product, words we like to hear! Mako & The Hawk's recent pressing 'The Devil Made Me Do It' was made here, having a copy of this mean I know the quality of My45 is spot on!

An example of pressing prices: 300 x standard 7" black vinyl with large centre hole, cmyk labels and white paper sleeve is €588 + VAT and shipping.

If you are looking to press up some 45s, then take a look at their web site to see all the diffrent options available, from marbled vinyl to snazzy gatefold sleeves and beyond.

Web site: my45.de/en/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/my45vinyl/

Watch a 45 go through all the stages of production...


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