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Night Trains - Don't Want To Know (Légère Recordings)

Night Trains
A: Don't Want To Know
B: Only Want To Know About Love

(Légère Recordings)

While charting a course around a treacherous tropical gulf one day, Légère Recordings boss Helmut turned the dial to the Acid Jazz Records Radio Show on Totally Wired Radio only to hear Night Trains' 'Don't WantTo Know' through the speakers. He immediately turned the vessel around and headed straight back to Légère Towers to begin to carve out a deal to press up this Acid Jazz record for his label. Let me tell you if I was in Helmut's position I'd feel exactly the same way. Night Trains was one of the first acts to sign to Acid Jazz records when Eddie Pilllar and Hugh Brooker put pen to paper on a deal back in 1987. Fast forward to the present day and this revamped John Martyn folk ballad reworking will have dancefloors heaving and beggin' for mercy. Relentless energy and feel good vibes from the Night Trains players. Available now from all good record shops or from the band's Bandcamp HERE.

From Night Trains:
"These are two songs from the very polarities of musical genres and style, but still sharing a similar universal message and sentiment. 'Do Anything You Wanna Do' made me want to 'break out of the city" many years ago and be in a band (which is exactly what I did!). 'Don't Want To Talk' made me question as a young man what is really important in life (which I still do). But it was only very recently that I felt any sort of fool hearted confidence to even possibly attempt my own very different musical spin on both- So it is with great relief that Eddie & The Hot Rods have just given their official thumbs up for our version of their timeless classic 'Do Anything You Wanna Do'. John Martyn sadly is no longer with us, so I can only but hope that somewhere out there beyond the 'Solid Air' he is digging our heartfelt, humble tribute to his fantastic song."