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Nola Breaks Volume 9 (Superjock)

A: Enticers - 'Thief' (Professor Shorthair remix)
B: Warren Lee - 'Underdog Backstreet' (DJ Platurn remix)


The Nola Breaks series put out by Superjock Records, those fine purveyors and cultural ambassadors of that classic New Orleans funk sound, are back with another clutch of essential reworks on 45.

Professor Shorthair has the job of updating the classic conscious cut by the Enticers entitled'Thief' for the present day and he tools up with some classic boom bap beefcake drums and some clever themed wordplay from both the Ruler and the Blastmaster to welcome us to the opening track of this double sider.  Blastmaster Rules for the 19! Another Prof sureshot!

Our cousins the 45 Sessions head honcho DJ Platurn is behind the boards on the flip. King Lee's majestic dance cut from '69, originally released on the Tou-Sea label, gets the Platurn re-work treatment. The track, underpinned with some upfront hip hop beats and some choreography encouragement soundbites provided by T La Rock is a winner all day.  Anyone that hasn't mastered the 'Underdog Backstreet'  by the time the track ends is a lost cause!

Juno have stock of this 45 right now but be quick! https://www.juno.co.uk/products/the-enticers-warren-nola-breaks-volume-9/706357-01/