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Northern Soul - The Movie

Northern Soul - The Movie

This movie is all about a lad that has pretty much nothing in life, but finds this thing called 'Northern Soul' via a guy he watches at the local youth club disco (doing dance moves he has never seen before!). It traces their friendship and antics within the Northern Soul scene. A vital part of this scene is, of course, the records. They go to see a 'Big' DJ on the scene whose biggest tune is a 'cover up' (the label is obscured so that no other DJ's can play it, so if people want to hear it they have to come to his gigs). By fluke the main character buys a batch of records and within those is this track, 'Stick By Me Baby' - by The Salvadors on  Wise World records. This starts to establish him as a more important DJ on the scene causing the pair to drift apart though they come back together when our main character grafittis the lyrics to 'Time Will Pass You By' by Tobi Legend on brick walls all over their home town. The pull of the music is always there!