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Nuri 'Frfrfr' (Little Beat More)

'Frfrfr' / 'Faza'
(Little Beat More)

Little Beat More is a label that is constantly championing new sounds and artists, or reaching deep into the rich melting pot of releases from recent times to select forgotten or overlooked nuggets, and very much broadening people's musical horizons along the way.

This latest release is no exception with Tunisian born Nuri and his incredible 2017 album 'Drup' having 2 singles lifted for a 7inch release on Little Beat More.

Nuri aka Amine Ennouri was born in Tunis in the late 80s. A drummer and a composer, he has amalgamated traditional Tunisian and African sounds with western electronic sensibilities and arrangements, creating beautifully crafted pieces of music, thrilling and inventive, luscious and dreamy. The multi-layered percussive themes in 'Frfrfr' is a minimal trancelike techno groove, although I shouldn't really use the word techno as the instrumentation is real and so rich.

The B side's 'Faza' is arguably where the dancefloor heat is, a 140bpm slab of Darbouka drum and layered percussion workout. Play it in full if the dancefloor is receptive and musically expanded, or mix it into other beats, either way, it's going to shine brightly.

Buy: Bandcamp / Juno