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Old Paradice (Confucius MC & Morriarchi) What Ifs? featuring Blu (Group BraCil)

Old Paradice (Confucius MC & Morriarchi)
What Ifs? featuring Blu (Original & Swarvy Remix)
(Group BraCil)

What if we told you that there's some new summer-tinged heat that's just hit the racks? What if we also told you it is the latest release from the Group BraCil label? So let's talk about those what ifs. What's on offer here is some bonafied cool out business from Confucius MC & Morriarchi who make up Old Paradice. '

'What Ifs'
is the second single lifted from their LP 'The Last Resort' which dropped at the beginning of the year on Group BraCil. It's a release we urge you to seek out once you've digested this feature today. This 45 features guest vocals from Los Angeles rap heavyweight Blu who has recently worked with Oh No on the 'A Long Hot Los Angeles Summers Night' project. The creative partnership of Old Paradice and Blu is something we do hope to hear more from in the future. On the flip is a caustic mid tempo burner of a remix from producer Swarvy off the back of his collaborations with Mndsgn ,Maxo aswell as work for the Stones Throw label. 

So that's enough talkin' about the what ifs, it's time to head to your nearest Tesco Express or the more dependable Bandcamp shop to secure your copy today. Go!