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Oregano - Melting Sand/Transmitter (Delights)

Melting Sand/Transmitter 


The label that continues to give your chilblains the chills return with another seasonal shiver-tester of a forty-five in the form of Oregano's 'Melting Sand'. It's not so much the melting sand that needs to be your prime concern but rather your melting brain as Oregano find new ways to explore what your ear canals can throw at them in terms of sonic nuances that the group tend to conjure up. From the fantastic minds of Shawn Lee and Paul Elliott comes this rather unique 45 that the chaps created way before face masks and jabs became the norm. True to form for the Delights label, it's a serious nose dive into the darker realms with a pysch funk twist. On the flip, the track 'Transmitter'  again stretches the psych funk genre taking the listener on a break beat rollercoaster ride. 

Available now from the Delights BANDCAMP page.