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Orijenn - Ahí Vene La Negra (Discos Elgozo)

Ahí Vene La Negra
(Discos Elgozo)

You may not be familair with the name Orijenn but we have a feeling deep down in our gut that things are going to blow the eff up for this musical duo. The group have signed to Discos Elgozo who begin this series of releases by female-led groups with the aforementioned Orijenn. With a rich fountain of experience spanning over two decades, Orijenn (Orito Cantora and Jenn del Tambó) bring the real Colombian ruckus on the uplifting track 'Ahí Vene La Negra' which pays homage to their musical ancestors through rich musical social commentary and a killer groove. This track ebbs and flows before a full throttle percussive heat rock brings the party vibe to this release. 

Out now on glorious forty-five from the Discos Elgozo Bandcamp page.