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Paul Sitter - Funky Shit Edits. Vol. 4 (Funky Shit Edits)

Paul Sitter
Funky Shit Edits. Vol. 4
(Funky Shit Edits)

Well now, for the latest round of 'Funky Shit Edits' Russia's Paul Sitter delivers with aplomb with his tribute to the New York City native rappers on 'Money Boovin'' and 'Arctigalactic'. For those new to Paul Sitter's edit series you have some catching up to do. This is his first venture into vinyl (all of his previous outputs were all lathe cut) and both tracks on this release serve to remind us that this producer is one to watch in 2021. A kaleidoscopic collage that would fit perfectly with the vision that the Beastie Boys had with their forward thinking and forever block rocking, the torch has been passed for some Funky Shit Edits from Russia with a lotta love. 

Do not sleep! Available now from Bandcamp.


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