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Paul Sitter - Macaroni Westerns Edits (Funky Shit Edits)

Paul Sitter
Macaroni Westerns Edits
(Funky Shit Edits)

We take you now dear reader out west, where the lawlessness brings forth creativeness and who better to saddle up with than our favourite forty-five slinger Paul Sitter who takes us on a buccaneering roller coaster ride filled with a choice selection of samples, tuff drums and some cherry-picked accapellas . Make no mistake, this ain't this producer's first rodeo, he's been known around these parts for quite a while and his kind always atracts a mix of bounty hunters, smugglers and bootleggers looking for that quick music fix. They will not be disappointed with his latest offering entitled 'Macaroni Western Edits' which draws inspiration from  classic macaroni western movies.

Another essential release from producer Paul Sitter who reinforces his reputation with this release. This forty-five will not stay on the shelves for long so we urge you to cop doubles post haste by hitting up the Funky Shit Edits Bandcamp page today.


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