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Phill Most Chill & Krash Slaughta - Definition Of Ill (Krash Slaughta)

Phill Most Chill & Krash Slaughta
Definition Of Ill
(Krash Slaughta)

Where has producer Krash Slaughta been hiding is a question that has been plaguing us for a minute now due to the gigantic hole left in the hip hop universe since Krash dropped the phenomenal 'Rebel Base' on an unsuspecting public. Kickin’ down doors and talking no prisoners is this producer’s modus operandi and on this new release he simply hits the ground running once more teaming up with the dopest verse scholar Phill Most Chill as they once again rub their hands together with world domination in their crosshairs. You see, once 'Rebel Base' blew the eff up, Krash went back to the lab to cook up another Teflon coated breakneck hip hop tsunami track for the heads. Once the beats were chopped up into perfection, he called upon Phill Most to spit the dopest verses and the results are all Krash and Phil fans were craving for. 'Definition Of Ill' redefines what we thought was a dope track and flips it on it's head. What's more, the duo have gone back underground to record a full length LP! Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Another dope Phill Most Chill & Krash Slaughta sureshot. Out now on 45! Go!