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Phirpo Y Sus Caribes 'Y Esa Pava Que' (Matasuna)

Phirpo Y Sus Caribes
'Y Esa Pava Que?' / 'Pa' Los Rumbero'

I first heard about the possible reissue of this track from Alex at Matasuna about a year or even 2 years back, and I've been awaiting its release with great anticipation. Finally, it's here, and another monster cut from Phirpo Y Sus Caribes' deadly rare album 'Parrilla Caliente' makes it onto a lovely brand new fresh n' funky 45.

Most people will have first come across Phirpo Y Sus Caribes when Soundway reissued 'Comencemos (Let's Start)' back in 2007, or heard it in a DJ set from the likes of Quantic even earlier than that.

When it came to Latin music, people here in the UK were more used to what had come out of 1970s New York and Brazil, not so much music from Colombia, Peru, Venezuela etc. But boy oh boy there is a LOT of heat there. So when trailblazing DJs like Quantic and labels like Soundway started introducing Cumbia and other obscure sounds (to our ears) from across the world that had not really made into the UK club landscape, it was another explosion of music.

This incredible 45 from Phirpo Y Sus Caribes' Porfi Jiménez is a prime example of what was coming out of the vibrant melting pot of Venezuela in 1972. The lead cut 'Y Esa Pava Que?' is a killer dancefloor cut that has many faces, big band jazz, funk, psychedelic Latin, it's just so so heavy! Kicking off with what sounds like a punchy Clav (always a good sign), or electric piano going through a wah wah pedal?, it proceeds at a furious pace with a massive horn section, loose and incredibly funky percussion and deadly instrumental breaks. The arrangement here has EPIC stamped firmly within the grooves.

Flip over for 'Pa' Los Rumbero', an absolutely furious cover of a 1955 Tito Puente track, you may need to keep a fire extinguisher next to the turntable as the needle is likely to spontaneously combust!

An essential 45. Released on 7th June from Bandcamp, Juno etc

Buy: Bandcamp (soon) / Matasuna (soon) / Juno (soon)

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