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Poets of Rhythm 'The Plan' (Mukatsuku Funk Monsters Vol. 1)

The Poets of Rhythm / Wallace Brothers
'The Plan' / 'What Cha Feel Is What Cha Get'

(Mukatsuku - Funk Monsters Vol. 1)

Taken from the Practice What You Preach album from 1993, 'The Plan' makes it's first ever outing pressed onto a lovely 45rpm single, and let's face it, a Poets Of Rhythm 45 is always a MUST HAVE. All the Hotpie & Candy 45s from back then..have you seen the prices of those?! The Poets are most definitely one of the most accomplished funk bands to have ever got together after the fact, achieving exactly the right sound and crafting songs that hit the funk spot 100%. Crispy drums, tight horns, lovely atmospheric organ and rumbling bass, just so funky. On the flip the Wallace Brothers drop 'What Cha Feel Is What Cha Get', a classic slice of blues funk with a deadly groove. All in all a double sided FUNK MONSTER that will sit comfortably in any play box. One expects Nik's new series to produce plenty more bangers, we welcome that!