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Positive K - I Got A Man (Mr Bongo)

Positive K
A: I Got A Man
B: Shakin'

(Mr Bongo)

Here's a summertime jam that rivals a certain member of the Bel Air royal family's efforts for the title of barbecue rap anthem for the ages. 'I Got A Man' comes from the pen of Positive K. K, in his infinite wisdom, buys a clever supercomputer to pitch up his voice to mimic a female rapper in response to the questions he poses in his unpitched voice. All that makes perfect sense right? He splashes out on the services of producer LG who in turn comes up trumps and voila! The ultimate summer time jam is born.

Flip the 45 over once you've caught your breath for 'Shakin' which finds our hero deep in testoterone-heavy braggadocio mode armed with a funky loop that sample spotters may recognise (Q-Tip flipped the sample for Jungle Brother's 'On The Road Again' remix).

Reissued with a full colour sleeve from Mr Bongo, head over to the webshop to preorder your copy today.