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Presto 'Trip To Brazil' (Mukatsuku)

'Trip To Brazil' / 'Pianoscape'

Mukatsuku Records are as eclectic as they are prolific, delivering a steady stream of releases from across the world that spans genres and eras, and what binds them together? Quality, simple as that.

Mukatsuku's boss Nik Weston has a rich heritage in what has been termed 'outernational music', with 1 foot firmly in the progressive London club scenes of the 90s onwards and the other foot taking regular trips from Japan to South America and anywhere in between that offers up an expansive piece of music or club banger that might grace the label.

Adding to that breadth of music is this Presto 45 that takes a couple of downtempo jazzy instrumentals from his 2003 debut album 'Inflight Instrumentals'. The lead track on this 45 'Trip To Brazil' is a luscious and meditative chord-driven project. It's more thematic than what you might call a track with defined intro/verse/chorus/breakdown, as is the B side. But like a lot of instrumental hip hop/downtempo, there's a sweetness in the simplicity and succinctness of looking for the perfect beat. Can you kick back and sink into this groove? Yes, you can. Lock into that smooth bass, let the loose percussion give you just enough snap, and punctuate with syncopated accents from the pads, keys and electronic flourishes.

Definitely not a club banger, but for late late late nights, or indeed warming up, this can be in your record bag for sure.

And just need to add a nod of respect to the pricing of this 45, just £5.99 on a limited release (400 copies only). In a world that is seeing new 45s nearing the £20 mark (even for bootleg edits), this is a welcome relief from the regular financial pain of buying new 45s!

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