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Prince Fatty 'Get Ready' (Evergreen Recordings)

Prince Fatty
'Get Ready Ft. Big Youth & George Dekker' / 'Get Ready - Dub'
(Evergreen Recordings)

It's always good news when Prince Fatty drops a new seven-inch single. This producer extraordinaire, who is so beautifully adept at turning classic cuts into the warmest rubber dubs ripe for the dancefloor, has this time set the controls onto the über classic 'Get Ready' by Smokey Robinson. Very much like Prince Fatty feat Winston Francis' 'I Can't See', this version encapsulates that particular style so well with guest vocalist George Dekker providing the falsetto soul perfection and Big Youth toasting over the heavy bubbling dub rhythms, so warm, bouncing and rocking and sounding so rich and textural, it's perfection to put it succinctly. This also channels the very best of Uroy's sound, which for me personally is the pinnacle of reggae, and Prince Fatty captures it all with a modern touch on the mixing desk that brings out such a depth in the sonics. Love it! On producing the track, Prince Fatty says: ‘Get ready’ is a masterpiece of the time and for me, it’s perfection squeezed into 2minutes, 45 seconds -having a vocalist like David Ruffin on backing vocals just tops the bill. If you follow Prince Fatty and the Horseman, you will know we love the rockers style of the late 70s. I wanted our version to have the Disco Mix feeling so I enlisted George Dekker from the Pioneers for the lead vocal. George’s range and falsetto are on the same level as Eddie Kendrick and Melvin Franklin which is no easy task, and I think he has delivered a great vocal. Balanced by the infamous Big Youth’s toasting “I have some children, but we can have some more!” Love is the message for those lucky enough to find it. People, its best you Get Ready!”

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