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Quantic 'We Got Soul' (Dinked 45)

'We Got Soul - Rob Life Remix' / Fresh Rhythm'
(Dinked 45)

Way back in the year 2000, a young producer named Quantic popped up with this 45 orginally released on the Breakin' Bread label, it was one of those records where you instantly take notice, recognising the natural skill immediately. At the time I was running a weekly jazz based night in Plymouth, UK, called Jelly Jazz and we booked Quantic to come and play straight off the back of getting this 45, and he proceeded to come down to DJ, and bring his band The Quantic Soul Orchestra many times aftewards. We all know where Will Holland's career has gone in the following 18 years, ever onwards and upwards. The guy is a powerhouse of music production. The OG changes hands for a fairly weighty price these days, so it's a big thumbs up to Dinked for reissuing this little UK beats gem. A double sider too, back in 2000 it was 'Fresh Rhythm' that I played the most, but thanks to this reissue, I'm reminded of how good Rob Life's remix is too! Back in the box it goes (and my OG can stay safely tucked up and minty fresh!).

Buy here: Juno