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Rainforest 'Jungle Is Our Dub' (45 Seven)

'Jungle Is Our Dub' / 'Dub To Jungle'
(45 Seven)

Brand new 45 Seven business..and once again the production/arrangement/mastering values are the absolute highest, this sounds so amazing. Rainforest drop a deep groover in 'Jungle Is Our Dub' that bridges dub, D&B, jungle and dubstep all in one, filled with subtlety and panache all the way through. The flip 'Dub To Jungle' goes even deeper with an atmospheric and unnerving spookyness to it. This is a relatively new label discovery for me, but already 45 Seven inhabits that place where 'must listen to everything they put out' occurs. Wonderful stuff.

Buy here: http://alphacut.net/#457