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Rapha Ghetti & Freddy Pimms - No Body Knows (One Lion Sound)

Rapha Ghetti & Freddy Pimms
No Body Knows / Method
(One Lion Sound)

Well well! We have in our hands a finely crafted piece of wax from Rapha Ghetti and producer Freddy Pimms who have delivered this sanctified gospel-tinged sureshot that has instantly made it's home in the play box thanks to an infectious hook and some fly raps from Mr. Ghetti. 'No Body Knows' be the title and we were all ears from the opening hook. On the flip,  Pimms gives a nod to the breakbeat fiends and lays it out for Rapha Ghetti to wax lyrical in this stripped down hip hop heat rock that demands your attention. Listen to the creative evocative raps and Freddy Pimms on-point production and tell me you're not dreaming of a full length from this duo. Out now on One Lion Sound on a strictly limited forty-five, preview the video below before heading to Bandcamp for the goodness.