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RBL - Brand Nu (Uluru)

Brand Nu

With barely a chance to catch our breath and marvel at what Uluru Records presented to us last time around (hat tip to that funky Aussie DJ Maars), they have turned the funk motor on and set the dial all the way round for this their fourteenth release. It is now time, dear reader, to unwind thyself and delight in what this mysterious Italian producer RBL has brought to the table. This is just the tonic on this so-so day with our hero giving JB some extra fortified funk when we didn't think such a feat was possible. This reworking would surely get a big thumbs up from Mr. Please Please himself. We are all ears on what RBL has up his sleeve for his next release but in the meantime get out ya seat and fling that funky popcorn aside. Out now on the Uluru Records label. Go!