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Roman Cortez - 'Hello Kutty' (Roman Cortez)

Roman Cortez
Hello Kutty
(Roman Cortez)

In the immortal words of Heavy D “This one definitely goes out on the censorship tip, so everybody sit back, relax and have a champagne sip.” Roman Cortez  is gonna teach the people out there how to scratch responsibly. The reason why is because 'Hello Kutty' is the first ever scratch 7” to enter the market that is child friendly. That’s right folks, there’s enough on here to keep even the most seasoned portablist scratch happy. It’s also the ideal stocking filler for the young portablist to show off their skills care free in front of their grandparents on Christmas Day as there’s no curses! From the creative mind of producer Roman Cortez who also brought us 'Fresh Pizza Slices', and with the help of DJ A1 on the mixing and chopping, the package includes 16 skipless tracks and 2 Kutty tracks all pressed up on cyan coloured wax. There’s also a free 'Hello Kutty' pin with every purchase while stocks last. What ya waitin’ for? Get busy!

Available today from http://store.romancortez.com/product/hello-kutty