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Run D.M.C. - Sucka MC's (Lil Static)

Sucker MC's
(Lil Static US)

Hollis to Hollywood but is he good? Only a fool would ask the question of Jam Master Jay, the late great DJ at the heart of this trailblazing group from Hollis, Queens. Storytelling rap 45s from 1984 is something that we always welcome here at 45 Live but when you mention the fact that  the mysterious US based label Lil Static have gifted the buyer with a previously unreleased instrumental cut on the flip? Well... just watch Instagram get flooded with DJ's expertly cutting up doubles of this.

The following question was recently asked of 45 Live team member DJ Mr. Thing by Outline:
"What is it about hip hop that floats your boat, and is it possible for you to name your favourite hip hop track of all time?"
His response was:
"When I first heard Sucker MC’s it changed my whole musical taste - the energy and rawness of it, just beats and rhymes. But what I love about hip hop is how much it’s taught me about other music. I love the way producers flip and discover samples and how MCs get inspired by what’s going on and then…I just love the music!"

Strictly limited to 300 copies with most DJ's copping doubles, it's time to visit Juno to secure your set of this must have 45 today!