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Sabrosa 'Sure Pow' (Rocafort)

'Sure Pow' / 'Tangerine Shot'

OOF! Here we go, ramping up the fuzz and turning the funk dial to 11 is this belter from Sabrosa. Taking on The Beastie Boys' 'Pow' in a beautiful circle of funk, Sabrosa has cut the brake lines on this track, gathering speed all the while until it smashes into a wall of frenetic Hammond heaven.

It reminds me of the killer Japanese band Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro's 'Ain't Nobody, Just a Ramblin' Man' such is its energy, and for me, that's a suitable comparison as that MMK track is one of the very best modern funk tracks of all time in my humble opinion. 'Super Pow' is exactly 3 minutes of pure get down, drop this and you'll leave the dancefloor breathless. BANGER!

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