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Sam Redmore - Nagu (Jalapeno)

Sam Redmore
Nagu / On The One

With a late flurry of releases cramming a bloated postbox vying for a position in our end of year favourites rundown, Jalapeno Records are a label who have more than most been hitting that sweet spot for us throughout the year. This latest release for the label does nothing to tarnish their reputation for delivering the goods. Brand new signing Sam Redmore lays bare his talent for a track that will kick out the jamms and leave no apology for bumrushing that aforementioned end of year list. On 'Nagu'  the listener is treated to a melting pot of styles from samba to cumbia, from reggae to funk, from disco to house and beyond from the producer and DJ who's Tropical Soundclash night in Birmingham should be on your radar if it's not already. A producer that simply knows exactly what works on the dancefloor - that's Sam Redmore. 'Nagu' is a perfect example of that.  Purchase post stream from Bandcamp.