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CBLL02 Sanders Sisters - Put it in writing

Cannonball Records are proud to release the second in a series of incredible hard hitting dancefloor releases. Following on from the killer groove of 'Stone Man', we're proud to present;

Sanders Sisters - 'Put it in writing' (Cannonball)



Price = GBP20.00 per copy.

Limited run of 300 copies.

Release date = 4th January 2016

Mailing is from Italy and will post worldwide at quoted cost upon reservation.

Please email hogwashing@hotmail.com to order your copy today.

This is the second release from Cannonball Records out of Italy, featuring the previously unreleased soulful funk of the Sanders Sisters. Once again, it's a dancefloor bomb guaranteed to raise the stakes at any club! Presented on superior quality vinyl, Cannonball Records have gone the extra mile to present to you the best musical package possible.

Included on Side A is the original take, left in its natural raw state.....upfront, powerful vocals set to a funk beat with an r&b twist. Flip it over for an arranged 'Club Version', with heavier accents on the drums and bass. The type of mix that blows the speakers apart and hits heavy in a clubbing environment.....promo advance plays at select venues across the UK as well as the West Coast of the United States can attest to its impact, making for yet another essential Cannonball inclusion in your DJ crate.

'Stone man' is now sold out, so check out 'Put it in writing' pronto.....order now to avoid disappointment!

Cheers and happy new year to ya!

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