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Scrimshire - 'Spooktober Edits' (Wah Dubplate)

'Spooktober Edits'
(Wah Dubplate)

Well, the timing for Scrimshire's spooky seven is impeccable. Never one to let a few creepy crawlies and glow in the dark crazy eyes get in the way of tweaking a dancefloor, he's only gone and added more meat to the beat and more spook to the hook on Lalomie's Strangeness. He has ventured back into the crypt to breath new life into Ms. Washburn's  electrifying high voltage soul shaker. And what he has unleashed will stun, surprise and indeed 'turn on' the randiest of witches and horniest of goblins.

On the other side he's struck a deal with some sinister folk and swapped his Moog for a wand from one of Voldemort's Death Eaters and they bring their own brand of flesh eating funkiness to a Stevie Wonder composition while Scrimshire is perched in the control room, waving around his new magic stick. Here we have the standout track from that session which I'm sure will go down well with funky fairies and the aforementioned amorous witches and goblins across the land.

I must warn you though that it's very limited and you should secure your copy at the earliest opportunity from https://wahwah45s.bandcamp.com/album/dp022-scrimshire-spooktober-edits.