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Shan Frenzie - Suit & Tie (remix) (Juke Joints)

A: Shan Frenzie - Suit & Tie  (remix)
B: Hoopty & A Bakers Dozen - Without da Funk (Tabu edit)

(Juke Joints)

Well now, here's a new release on a brand new record label to bumrush the various DJ's top ten lists almost immediately. The label in question is Juke Joints operating out of Melbourne, Australia and their first release 'Suit & Tie' has Shan Frenzie take on the JT & Jigga cut from 2013. It's a charming summer vibe ting provided by the producer and bears all the hallmarks of a festival hit. Funky guitar licks, fat back drums and the horn section that fits in perfectly with the JT vocal. Time to make room in the DJ box for this one.

On the flip is the  Hoopty & A Baker's Dozen track 'Without da Funk'.  Bound to sizze the heart rate monitor until it goes pop! Nothing will scream party like the marriage of Em and Pat. Turn on your funk motor and prepare for hyperdrive.  Picture this, in a scene not too dissimilar to a Star Wars tale, the chrome helmet is lifted to reveal Mr. Mathers spitting bars for days. 

Available now from the label website