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Shuggy ft. Alvin Worthy – It’s A Soul Thing (Shuggy Edits)

Shuggy ft. Alvin Worthy
It’s A Soul Thing
(Shuggy Edits)

We have done some digging (of the Miss Marple kind, not the dusty fingers in the basement kind) on mysterious producer Shuggy and we have uncovered next to nothing on the background of our hero Mr. Shuggy. What we do know is that placing a Shuggy forty-five on the turntable will elicit a response in the crowd that is unmatched. That driving horn section, that funky guitar lick and those drums! What we have here on his latest project ‘It’s A Soul Thing’ is another grab it on sight Shuggy sureshot. The latest artist to team up with Shuggy is Alvin Worthy who on the strength of this release will blow the eff up in twenty-four we feel. It’s a perfect blend of Worthy’s raspy street bar spits and Shuggy’s production prowess that is giving us all the feels today. Available for preorder today on Juno. Do not sleep!