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Skeewiff - Misirlou / Amen Brother (Jalapeno)

Misirlou / Amen Brother

Did we not say we had something exciting coming down the pipe to let you know about? We definitely did. Well here it is! The latest antidote to a nonplussed dancefloor from  Skeewiff who take it in their stride to kick out the jams the only way they know how. And that means a reinvigorated, rejuiced club crowd because we know what a Skeewiff record does and this double sider is no different. 'Misirlou' can be described as a clever, melting pot of styles mixed, mashed and polished at the Skeewiff lab for your listening pleasure. On the flip, they take the reins to breath fresh new oxegen on the iconic 'Amen Brother', one of the building blocks for hip hop. They do such a sterling job with their fun rework that the Herculoids are banging down the door asking to work with Skeewiff. Who are we to argue?

Out now on the Jalepeno Records label, listen to the record below and order after the stream.