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Skill - Soul Dynamite 003 (Soul Dynamite)

Soul Dynamite 003
(Soul Dynamite) 

At this juncture you should all be well familiar with Soul Dynamite Records. If not, you now have three solid releases to dive into from their expanding catalogue. We recommend you do just that once you’ve read about the Skill four tracker in this review. This label is a another example of a small independent releasing top drawer funk, hip hop and breaks from their base in Sofia, Bulgaria and on this their third release they pass the mantle to some homegrown talent in producer Skill.

Skill delivers four heavily armoured instrumental cuts, all with the b-boy in mind, tailor made for the cypher that’s DJ friendly in the sense you get four tracks in this bumper Soul Dynamite release. There’s room in the box to pack doubles so while you juggle the opening breakbeat jam ‘Yo, Strong People’ there’s three more tracks in reserve ready to keep ‘em dancin’.

Another solid 45 from Soul Dynamite Records available in red or black vinyl. Available to order today through their Bandcamp page: https://souldynamite.bandcamp.com/album/soul-dynamite-003