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Smile Davis feat. Blurum13 'Only One Race' (Little Beat More)

Smile Davis feat. Blurum13 / Skanky Puppy
'Only One Race' / 'Humble'
(Little Beat More)

Party platter alert! Ok, I'm a little late to the party with this one, as it came out in February, and somehow I completely missed it. But no matter, new music is new music when you first hear it, and with this dancefloor winner, the ingredients have been selected and mixed with much panache.

Smile Davis always displays a sweet and deft touch on the mix and with MC Blurum13 adding the vocal class over some Toots beatage, bodies will be heading straight for the dancefloor.

Uplifting, celebratory, just enough grit for full phat flavour and arranged beautifully, what else can you say except it will live in my play crate for many years to come.

Flip over for a name I've not come across before, Italian Skanky Puppy. This is a slick reggae rework of Kendrick's 'Humble', and in doing so takes some of the heat out of the original. Not that the message is lost, it's just sonically warmed up a little. I kinda prefer it tbh, with the rubbery dub rumbling underneath Kendrick's pointed message, instead of the OGs stuttering urban soundscape.

Go get it whilst there's still some left...

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