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Smile Davis 'Made You Look' (Uluru)

Smile Davis
'Made You Look' / 'Made You Look Riddim'

Imagine you have some dice in hand, you roll them, and instead of 3 sixes, you roll Nas, Sound Dimension and Jackie Mitto which is equal to 3 sixes, right? Either way, you've won.

Smile Davis has the high score with this superb steppin' production, which is generally the rule with anything he touches, but here his slick and deft touch has really excelled. The arrangement here on 'Made You Look' is restrained and open, giving plenty of space for Nas, and most notably lets that keyboard tickle and trombone slide jump right out of the speakers when it switches up. It's a 97bpm crowd-pleasing dancefloor nugget of the best kind, that's the best way to describe it.

Complete with the instrumental mix on the B side which is most welcome for the mix. This is gonna be dropped big time come festival season.


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