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Smoove - Bizarre Cut 'N' Paste Ride (Wack)

Bizarre Cut 'N' Paste Ride


With a mountain of forty-five release emails flooding your inbox from Bandcamp (happy Friday indeed) it’s easy to lose track on what’s on offer of note that you, dear reader, should be adding to your cart. That’s exactly where we come in. Giving you  our informed view on what to spend you’re hard earned readies on that will provide you with the ultimate listening experience. With that said, we’re happy to present to you the latest release on the Wack Records label. Producer Smoove gives The Pharcyde a reason to prompt them to ask their mums and dads to adopt Smoove and officially unveil him as another member of the family. Just imagine that! In the meantime while we wait for the family to mull over adoption papers Smoove delivers this cut 'n' paste comet rocket that continues where the producer left off on last year's Empty Word. On his tribute to The Pharcyde, Smoove breathes plumes of gun smoke through the lungs of b-boy and b-girls that forces their eyeballs to pop out! The whole world owes Smoove a debt of gratitude for giving them a kiss of life that's for sure.

We encourage you to avoid disappoint and head to the concrete jungle to pick up your copy from your local record emporium today. If indeed traditional shopping is not your thing, head to Juno where there are a few copies left as we go to press.