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Smoove - String Island (Redropped)

String Island 

A brand new label has come to our attention from our man in Germany Oonops who's new Oonops Drops imprint Redropped comes out the gates strong with 'String Island'. 45 Live's Smoove is an obvious choice for the debut release on Redropped. His humongous wax collection (which you can get a sneek peak of by checking out the Northern Coal Experience on Youtube) serves as colourful inspiration for his production work which, due to his DJ background allows him to create dancefloor sureshots on the regular with relative ease. Smoove takes charge of production on this Redropped release and gives the classic JVC Force cut a fresh sound for the 45 DJ's to arm themselves with. Watch this label blow up in 2022! 

Out now on recycled wax from the Oonops Drops Bandcamp page.