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Smoove & Turrell - Geno's Discotheque / The Light (Jalapeno)

Smoove & Turrell
Geno's Discotheque / The Light

"This in not my circus, these are not my clowns" exclaims John Turrell on the opening bars of  'Geno's Discoteque' from their latest double-sider that celebrates the release of their most ambitious body of work to date - the Red Ellen LP. It's a release that we have yearned for. Tasty preview nuggets have neen teased on the band's Northern Coal Experience show on YouTube these past few months but now we have the full scope of what this band have been getting up to since the last LP dropped and it has been worth the wait. We are treated here to two sides from the aforementioned LP that will fit snugly in the DJ box and will be plucked from the box like a prized festive turkey. Back to that opening line from 'Geno's Discotheque' that doesn't sit right with this reviewer. You see John, this is your circus and we are your clowns. We'd gladly wedge our bodies into a canon or look down the throat of a hungry lion just to get a taste of some new Smoove & Turrell goodness. We're not being asked to go that far just yet. We can enjoy this disco delight forty-five  from the comfort of our living rooms. Available now in a limited run from Jalapeno Records. GO!