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Smoove & Turrell 'You Could've Been A Lady' 45

Smoove & Turrell
'You Could've Been A Lady'

Geordie soul powerhouses Smoove & Turrell are back with the barnstorming single 'You Could’ve Been a Lady' 

They are a breath of fresh air in the often clichéd world of soul bands. The boys make no attempt to sound or look like anyone else – not for them the sharp suits and trumpet twirls of some of their peers. Instead you get a wildly talented and vital crew of larger than life North East lads taking their rightful place on the international soul scene having already become figureheads within the UK. Further proof that they are never ones to follow trends is the choice of a cover of a lesser known song by British funk dons Hot Chocolate. It may not be as known as the other huge hits of that band but it’s a party track with a groove that doesn’t quit and the boys do it justice with their rework pulling out all the stops. 

The B-Side is 'Glue Bag Flags' - a playful track about the forts they used to make as children innocently using some of the items they found including local disregarded drug addict paraphernalia! Set against an upbeat and funky verse jam and doubletime chorus as catchy as any this 7 inch release is sure to make its way into many a DJ’s bag…

Released October 7, 2016 
BUY HERE: https://smooveturrell.bandcamp.com/album/you-couldve-been-a-lady


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