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Soopasoul - Ya Lookin’ Tight (Jalapeno)

A: Ya Lookin’ Tight
B: Soopasoul Theme


Those already familiar with the Jalapeno Records back catalogue should by now have acquainted themselves with producer Soopasoul. Back in 2009, he delivered his debut album for the label entitled ‘Twin Stix’. And it’s here we pick up the story because Soopasoul, on the eve of the album’s 10th anniversary, has carefully chosen two firecrackers from the album to tweak and release on this 45.

Already a mainstay DJ tool since it’s initial release, ‘Ya Looking Tight’ gets the producer’s spit and polish and it comes out gleaming for a whole new audience of funk aficionados. On the flip side, he’s chosen another favourite on the scene, ‘Soopasoul’s Theme’ to update by crunching it through the hit machine at Soopasoul Towers. And my, are we grateful for the results!

Available now via the Soopasoul Bandcamp page: