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Soul Allnighter Takeover 2 on dublab.com - 15th February 2020

Last years Los Angeles Soul Allniter was such a success, that we decided to make it a 'thing'....a once-in-a-while 8 hour 'nighter style takeover, broadcasting from dublab.com direct to your listening device.

Join us on Saturday 15th February 2020 at 10pm US PDT (6am UK GMT) as this time we take it global.

People get ready....there's a soulful train a'comin' with a carefully selected clutch of open-minded DJ’s that push the soulful sound;

Mr. Fine Wine (NYC, USA)
Greg Belson (Los Angeles, USA)
Miss Goldie (Melbourne, AUS)
Henning Borm (Lucerne, Switzerland)
Lars Bulnheim (Austria/Germany)
Toni Rossano (London UK)
Brian Poust (New Orleans, USA)
Cazzy B (Bolton, UK)

Expect rare soul in all its guises, gospel, funk, r&b, modern & late night disco!

Check the attached mixcloud link for a rewind on how the first session stacked up....a who's to what to yip uhuh of plentiful players that catch that sound!

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