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Soul Sugar - Top Of My List (feat. Shniece McMenamin) (Gee)

Soul Sugar
Top Of My List (feat. Shniece McMenamin)

Imagine if you will for a moment you’re a kid who opens every door of the advent calendar on the same morning. Transform all those emotions into sound and you are somewhere close to that feeling when you hear 'Top Of My List'.  It is from the brilliant mind of producer and organist Guillaume Metenier who's fourth studio album under the alias Soul Sugar, a collaborations-based project that showcases his love of dub, reggae, soul-jazz, funk and neo-soul drops in early twenty-four. 'Top Of My List' features the vocal tones of London based soulstress  Shniece McMenamin who many of you will recall from her work with Prince Fatty. So you already know what's on offer here. We are dealing with a soulful reggae gem plucked and ready for your ear canals good people. On the strength of this release, we eagerly await more collaborations from these two.

Listen to the track below and order after the stream. Definitely feeling this one folks!