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Southpaw Chop - Make The Cut (Southpaw Chop)

Southpaw Chop
A: Make The Cut ft. A.G. 
B: Rhythm Roulette 

(Southpaw Chop)

In the immortal words of D.I.T.C.’s A.G. “vinyl records is a habit”. We are all too familiar with this statement here at 45 Live. In the beginning you might be gifted one for your fifth birthday and before you know it you’re looking at long term offsite storage solutions. Japan’s Southpaw Chop is here to feed that habit with his latest seven inch offering entitled 'Make The Cut'. This time he teams up with the aforementioned veteran emcee from the BX and they get to work putting the hip hop world to rights with their special blend of beats and rhymes.

Flip over for 'Rhythm Roulette', an instrumental cut from Southpaw Chop  who explores the world of 70’s film scores on this track using the backstreets of the South Bronx as his theme.

This limited 45 is available today from the Southpaw Chop Bandcamp page: https://southpawchop.bandcamp.com/album/make-the-cut-ft-a-g-b-w-rhythm-roulette