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Soy The Organic Hispanic - Robbin' Disco Brakes (Serpent City)

A: Soy The Organic Hispanic - Robbin' Disco Brakes
B: Akword Actwrite and DJ Kayote - Takin' Funky Samples

(Serpent City)

It's almost the weekend and we have some good news to get you on the good foot. After all, you've worked hard all week and deserve a tasty forty-five am I right? Let the Serpent City crew who hail from Albuquerque, New Mexico set the tone. Soy The Organic Hispanic,  Akword Actwrite and DJ Kayote provide the tonic and between them have produced this delightful forty-five for the ultimate feel good secret weapon. First up is Soy with 'Robbin' Disco Brakes' who proceeds in scouring the desert for the oasis brakes to deliver to you a party rockin' track that is designed to tear the roof off at peak hour. Fast rap fiesta is the order of the day. On the flip 'Takin' Funky Samples', it's the turn of Akword Actwrite who with a little help from DJ Kayote delivers this uptempo rap one-two to leave other rap crews eatin' dust. Keep up because this duo are the real deal. Funky, funky, funky Nassau feels! 

Expect more goodness from the Serpent City crew but in the meantime head to the Bandcamp page to cop this record today!